The Life and Seva of
Mohamedali Amarsi
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Mohamedali, the son of Rai Mohan Amarsi and Raibanoo Jenabai Mohan Amarsi, was one of 3 brothers and 7 sisters.


Gulbanu (Gulshan) Mangalji, daughter of Alijah Hasham Mangalji and Alijahbanoo Hasham Mangalji was born in 1936 in Wajir, Kenya

Here are her parents Alijah and Alijahbanoo Hasham Mangalji

Mohamedali Amarsi and Gulbanu Mangalji were married in 1952

Gulbanu's seva included being involved in various mandlis, Women's Association and social activities.


Gulshan and her brothers, Sadrubhai, Badrubhai, and Nizar and her sisters Roshan and Noorbanu

Mohamedali and Gulshan's 3 children:
Mubarak, Shina, and Farhad

Mohamedali with wife Gulshan
Brother Fazal with wife Roshan
Brother Fatehali with wife Sakar

Mohamedali's 7 sisters
Rukiabai, Sakinabai, Gulibai, Maherunisa, Zarina, Shirin, and Anis

Mohamedali and Gulshan celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary

Celebrating their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

Here is Mohamedali's oldest son, Mubarak and bride Rosemin Khan
Married 1975, in Toronto, Canada

With their children



Mohamedali's granddaughter Behan

Mohamedali with grandson, Raheem Amarsi
Raheem is attending the Riverside Military Academy

Mohamedali and Gulshan's 8 grandchildren 1996

Granddaughter Salima Amarsi's wedding to Rahim Manji
June 22, 2002

Granddaughter Farah Amarsi's wedding to Alim Tharani
March 26, 2004

Mohamedali and Gulshan are now the proud GREAT grandparents to Kaden Rahim Manji and Jordan Jena Tharani.

March 2007

December 2007

Kaden Rahim Manji
born January 4th, 2007

Jordan Jena Tharani
born February 6th, 2007

Some more family pictures

Mohamedali with 2 sons