The Life and Seva of
Mohamedali Amarsi
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A Special Message

Dear Grandpa,


            It was an honor and privilege to create this website about your life of seva.  I am sure it will inspire many future generations.  Now anyone visiting the website will know what great seva you have done but I would like people to know what a wonderful grandfather you are too.

             From when we were young and living in Michigan, you taught us how to swim and took us bike riding to the apple trees.  You taught us about the seasons “Ice becomes water – water becomes ice” and you spoiled us with “food surprises”!  You have always shown all of your 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren unconditional love and affection.  I know I speak for all us when I say that we are so proud to have you in our lives and we love you very much.




Your granddaughter, Salima


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